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April 2016 Issue Highlights

  • Andrew Nathapr16an ponders “The Puzzle of the Chinese Middle Class”—will Chinese citizens begin to push for democracy as they grow more affluent?
  • In one of five essays on “Latin America’s New Turbulence,” Marcus André Melo discusses “Crisis and Integrity in Brazil,” a country where the rule of law remains strong, despite being roiled by corruption and protests.
  • Igor Blaževič details “The Challenges Ahead” for Burma’s new government, now led by Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD, while other contributors to the set “Burma Votes for Change” examine the country’s new power configuration and popular attitudes toward democracy.
  • Other essays cover Turkey’s two 2015 elections, “subnational democracy,” and Freedom House’s Freedom in the World survey for 2015.
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The Journal of Democracy Turns 25

This month the Journal of Democracy celebrates its 25th anniversary with the publication of a special issue featuring some of the world’s leading experts on democracy, including Francis Fukuyama, Robert Kagan, Thomas Carothers, and Larry Diamond.

They explore a question that today is at the forefront of concern among policy makers and scholars alike: “Is Democracy in Decline?

January 2015 Journal of Democracy Cover

The issue is on the stands now and fully available (with a subscription) on Project Muse. And we have three free essays for you right here:

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October Issue Is Available!


  • The Revenge of Geopolitics,” by Ghia Nodia, examines the geopolitical struggle between democracy-promoting states and democracy-resisting ones, and those caught in between.
  • How Jokowi Won and Democracy Survived,” by Marcus Mietzner​, details Indonesia’s 2014 presidential contest, and how it revealed the continued vulnerability of the country’s democracy.
  • Four leading experts weigh in on “India’s Watershed Vote.”

Table of Contents